Welcome to Primalederware.

Primalederware Bochum.  A leader in Leather products bags, jackets and wallets. We process  high quality, premium leather goods in our Store in Bochum.

Prima Lederwaren GmbH. a 35 years old manufacturing company of hand made leather goods. It uses pure leather and natural tanning methods to create a eco-friendly, high quality and sustainable leather. It export its products in Europe, mainly in Germany. It is a registered company in Germany as Prima Lederwaren handelsgesellschaft mbH

You can drop by to our store to go through our collections and get your leather products service.

…or something like this:

We offer life time warranty to all our Leather products, please ask for our Certificate of Assurance when you buy.

We are truly German minded and give a satisfactory service with our every goods you buy.

In our showroom in Bochum. Straße: Querstr. 12 PLZ:  44866

Visiting card Primaleder Bochum
Visiting card Primaleder Bochum

We have a good collection of jackets, ladies bags, mens bags. And our customers vary from Young, middle and senior citizens of German.  both casual and office looks! We get all our products shipped in Europe and in Asia.

Pick your  Christmax and new years gifts at PrimalederWaren GmbH. We shall make a special gift packing  and send it you at any location in Germany in 2-3 days.